Our Team

Dr Ian Smart

Managing Director

Ian is a leading consultant and entrepreneur.  He analyses major investment decisions for business and government with a strong emphasis on evidence and data.

Ian is an experienced workshop facilitator, particularly in decision-making, risk-management and strategic planning.  He has prepared more than 50 business cases for government investments over the last ten years.

Ian has commercialised a number of ventures from the biotechnology sector including ventures in partnership with the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Swinburne University of Technology and the University of New South Wales.  

Robert Crompton

Executive Director

Robert has an initial background in strategy and economic impact consulting with a major Australian consulting firm with operations in Asia, as well as senior investment advisory roles in both a major bank and an international venture capital firm.

Subsequently, Robert was a strategic planning and new business development manager and a director for several Australian-based multinational corporations with operations through Europe, South East Asia and North America.  He was also involved in the successful establishment of Optus, a second telecommunications carrier in Australia, and was a founding board director.

Robert’s government experience includes the Executive Director role in a major government agency in digital transformation and the establishment of an incubator for high technology start-ups.  This incubator received $13 million in Australian Government funding, and a further $80 million in private co-investment.  This has produced several successful exits and stock market listings.


Jeremy Smart

Senior Consultant

Jeremy is a leading provider of investment management services to both State and Federal governments.  A gifted facilitator, Jeremy has helped guide the development of the investment logic for hundreds of government projects.

Jeremy also provides web development services.  He has designed and constructed over 200 websites since 2002 for clients including government departments and leaders in the arts.  He is passionate about providing web sites for the arts community, having developed cost-effective templates widely used by artists and galleries.

Dr Grace Lai

Senior consultant

Grace combines commercial experience as a sales operations and marketing executive with caring professional experience as a clinical doctor.  Grace has helped companies secure important resources through networking, securing grants and providing guidance.  Grace drives her interest in improving the health system and patient outcomes by speaking engagements on digital health.  Grace has a strong focus on making optimal decisions and using evidence-based approaches when resolving problems.