Optias has been involved in improving business and government through leadership within these organisations and by providing consulting services.  Optias personnel have had leadership roles in multinational corporations, government agencies and small businesses.  Our experience covers a wide spectrum of corporate and government activity in Australia. 

Leadership experience

We have held senior positions in investment analysis and management and strategic planning in multinational corporations.  In the investment management role, we have been responsible for major mining investment decisions and investment portfolio management in Australia.  Our multinational experience includes strategic planning responsibility for both industrial and services companies throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Optias personnel provided leadership to Multimedia Victoria in the late 1990s when the Victorian Government was leading the way in adopting information and communication technologies to improve the operations of government, to build new industries and to enhance the lives of its citizens.  This was recognised at the time by an invitation to the then Minister for Multimedia, Alan Stockdale to attend the inaugural Microsoft CEO Summit in 1997. Mr Stockdale was accompanied by Dr Smart. 


Strategic Planning 

Optias helps organisations with strategic planning using a series of facilitated and structured workshops, research and specifically designed templates.  Some of the key elements of this process include:

The Optias strategic planning process is described in an information brochure which can be downloaded here.
The National Road Safety Partnership Program used the Optias strategic planning process to develop an effective and easily understood strategic plan which could be shared with its wide membership.  The NRSPP strategic plan can be downloaded here.


Optias has extensive experience in helping innovative small businesses to grow.  One our main activities was the establishment of a major business incubator supported by the Commonwealth Government's Building IT Strengths program.  The Information City incubator supported more than 90 businesses, and raised more than $80 million in private equity.

We also delivered a Victorian Government sponsored training program for commercialisation, market development and global growth to more than 120 small businesses throughout Victoria.

We have also developed new businesses based on university intellectual property including:


Optias provides consulting services to business and governments in business planning, informatics and policy review.  Some examples of our work include: