Optias provides four main services

Optias delivers a suite of services designed to improve the quality of decisions made in private and public organisation, and to build new businesses that can deliver products and services that can improve peoples’ lives. 

Assessment and Review

Optias supports good policy and investment development in both private and public sectors. We do this by developing business cases, facilitating decision logic workshops, reviewing programs and policies, and participating in assurance reviews. Some of the key features of our work are a well-developed causal chain analysis approach to support good decision-making, a strong focus on evidence and data, and well-developed frameworks for assessing social, environmental and economic impacts of investments.

Strategic Planning for Business and Government

Knowing where your organisation is, where it wants to be and how to get there is the essence of strategic planning. We use a variety of tools (competitive analysis, desktop research, surveys, stakeholder engagements, sentiment analysis, locational analysis and open forums) to determine the current situation within which the organisation must act. We use facilitated workshops to define the vision mission and values of the organisation and the needs it must meet. This is followed by a SWOT analysis and the development of a series of actions to implement the strategy. The outcome of all of this work is taken through a stakeholder engagement program before it is finalised.

Social, Environmental and Economic Return on Investment

All investments and activities of business and government have social, environmental, economic and financial impacts. The objective should be to maximise the beneficial and minimise the deleterious impacts. Unfortunately, this is extremely difficult when the impacts are measured in either quantitative or qualitative terms. In most cases it is possible to use proxy methods to generate a monetary social or environmental impact. Qualitative measures should be used to understand what the impacts might mean, but adding a quantitative measure provides for better comparison.

Technology Business Development

Optias has considerable experience in building its own and in supporting others to build new businesses based on technology. We use our experience in commercialising new ventures spun out of research institutions, and in generating our own technology opportunities. To support others in business development we have developed extensive training programs and established and managed a business incubator since 2000.