About Optias

Optias is an advisory and consulting firm established in 2008 which works closely with an extensive network of  collaboration partners. Optias provides incisive advice and  analysis on  Government and business problems and strategic challenges.  Optias is also involved in guiding and building technology-based businesses, particularly in the biomedicine sector.

The Optias team brings extensive experience  in leadership roles in government, multinational corporations and small businesses.  We have led government agencies, provided strategic leadership to multinational corporations, and supported the growth and development of numerous small technology-based businesses.

Our work has seen our engagement in many sectors of the economy and across all government departments.  We are particularly focused on playing our part in making the world a better place and as such, we have a strong focus on the biomedical and health sectors.  In these sectors we have direct experience in providing healthcare (as a medical practitioner), in biomedical research, in building biomedical businesses, and in providing insight and guidance to government initiatives in healthcare.

Optias Partners have had direct line management experience and responsibility for strategic planning and new business development  for major Australian-based multinationals and worked in Asia, North America and Europe.  As well, they have deep domain expertise  in IT and Digital solutions and specific  experience and capabilities in the health sector both in Australia and Europe.

What we DO

Assessing Policies and Investments

Strategic Planning for Government and Business
Social and Environmental Return on Investment
Technology Business Development

Building Businesses

Optias has a long engagement in building new businesses.  We have had a strong relationship with the Australian Technology Centre, we managed strategy at Melbourne IT, established and operated Information City Australia, an ICT business incubator, and have spun out new health technology ventures from hospitals and universities.

Our Team

Dr Ian Smart

Managing Director

Robert Crompton

Executive Director

Jeremy Smart

Senior Consultant

Dr Grace Lai

Senior Consultant