Welcome to Optias  

Optias is an evidence-based company that extensively uses mathematics and informatics in the creation of new business, and in providing consulting services to both Business and Government clients.

Optias areas of focus and expertise include the mining and health care sectors.

In mining we offer technologies that can substantially improve efficiency and effectiveness in the development of newly identified or previously uneconomic natural resources.  These technologies are particularly  relevant in the current constrained operating environment for mining companies, where the focus has to be on the highly efficient identification, extraction, processing and distribution of natural resources.

Our health care interests focus on applying informatics to improving the management of chronic diseases.  Chronic diseases represent the major single challenge to managing the health of an ageing population and the sustainability of the health system. These technologies can improve health and wellbeing outcomes for patients, and reduce the burden of the diseases on the community and on public resources.

Optias also provides a range of consulting services to public and private sector organisations.  We have particular experience in strategic business planning, and in project investment evaluation for which we have accreditation from the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.  Notably, Optias has undertaken a number of consultancies in water management employing our policy, strategic planning and data analysis capabilities.  In addition we have specific capabilities  in the evaluation of project investments in an uncertain investment environment, using tools such as real options.  This capability is particularly relevant in water management in a country such as Australia.

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